How to Buy Pure Jali

How to Buy Pure Jali


To buy Pure Jali is different from other online stores as we no longer have the shop application on our website. This is because at the time we weren’t getting sales through the website but we were from calls and emails so it was decided that we would take the shop off and just use email and phone calls to do sales.


To buy from use via email all you need to do is email us at let us know what you want to buy and how many of each. Then we send you an invoice to confirm. This the original email we like it if you put your name and the address in which you want it sent to. Once you have received the invoice you then pay it through direct deposit and then we send your items to you. You can also come to the office to collect your order just let us know what you would prefer. If you come in to collect your items, we would need you to use cash. Our shop is in Aspley, Brisbane.


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