How to Order

At Pure Jali we no longer have a shopping cart on our website so therefore to order our products online it is a bit different to other companies and different to how we use to sell our products.

Instead of buying our products on our website there is now two different ways in which you can buy our products:

  1. You go on our website and click the enquire now button on our product pages, which will then send you to our enquire now page in which you send us an enquiry of what you want to buy and then we send you back an email confirming with an invoice. Once you have received the invoice and we are sure you want to order then we will ask you any further information we might need like an address and then once you have paid the invoice (through direct deposit) then we will send you products to you.


  1. The other way you can order our products online is just by email. Our email is

In the email you let us know what you want your address, name and anything else and then we will send you an invoice in which you pay through direct deposit and then once that is paid then we will send you products to you.


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