Pure Jali Skincare

If it doesn’t soothe your soul or your skin… Let it go!


Body Lotion

Ultra-emollient Body Lotion for dry to normal skin. 

Packed with a lavishly uplifting Lemon Myrtle scent, this Pure Jali Body Lotion stimulates all your senses, leaving your skin silkier and smoother than ever before.


Hand Cream

Hands can get dry. Especially with all the washing and sanitising we have to do these days! 

Keeping your hands moisturised is a walk in the park for our quick-absorbing luxury Hand Cream. 

Infused with a lavish West Australian Sandalwood scent, it is replenishing and restorative.

Suitable for sensitive skin.


Body Wash

Revitalising and refreshing. Pure Jali’s Body Wash is your perfect shower and bath emollient companion at any time of the day. 

Plant-powered invigorating splendour for your skin.


Body Lotion

Scientifically advanced lightweight formula of concentrated botanicals make our Body Lotion for dry to sensitive skin remarkably rehydrating and regenerating. It’s dermatologist-recommended plant-powered blend is therapeutically restorative for sensitive skin.

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